Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Vision and Mission


“Enrich environment by sustainable practices;  Enable communities to become self-sufficient”


    • Enrich environment through sustainable practices for the benefit of present and future life on earth

    • To incubate and nurture sustainable ideas to growth in Agriculture, Industry, Enterprise and Governance.

    • To identify and transfer low cost appropriate need based technologies for development without ignoring traditional and conventional wisdom.

    • To improve the socio, economic conditions of the poor, needy and disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient

    • To empower and enrich the suitable persons with required skillsets by appropriate skill development activities

    • To develop Social Enterprises as a sustainable model to facilitate human and social development.

    • To Strategise, design, build capacities and implement developmental needs to improve the livelihoods of needy communities

    • To facilitate Communities to collaborate and develop as self-governed entities

    • To undertake need based, community collaborative, research and action based programmes in developmental issues

    • To support the delivery of Government efforts that maximises the benefit to the society.



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