Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Micro-Credit

Coodu Trust is instrumental in forming 1345 men and women Self Help Groups in 11 districts of Tamil Nadu. Coodu Trust enabled these SHGs members for revolving fund, economic assistance through SGSY, IWDP, Magalir Thittam, NABAD, THADCO and other nationalized banks. The total financial assistance of nearly 5 Crores Rupees was given to the members of SHGs with the able support of the Coodu Trust.

Self Help Groups were formed to promote savings habit among the women SHG members. Coodu Trust trainers addressed the women in watershed areas to explain about the need for the formation of such groups and the importance of the role of women in Self Help Groups. The selected women were trained on income generating activity such as Mushroom Cultivation and vermi-composting. Through such training, women were trained. Over the period of time, each of the SHGs evolve through the processes of Group Formation (leading to Federation), Capital Formation through revolving funds, and Skill Development with a view to provide skills development and motivate women to become women entrepreneurs and leaders. The major viable economic activities that trained SHGs have undertaken include: Community Herbal Nursery, Community Nurseries, Vermi-Casting/ Composting Production Centre, and Mushroom Production Centre.

The poor landless labourers of these SHG members once struggled for their livelihoods. The intervention from Coodu Trust changed the lives of the rural poor and the members wisely used the money for their livelihood development through petty trades, livestock development and small scale cottage industries. Definitively the quality of life of these SHG members is drastically improving over the years.

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