Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project (TNHSP)

Providing healthcare services at any form to the rural areas is extremely useful for the rural communities. One among the important services is mortuary van services. Using mortuary van service is unaffordable for the rural poor to handle the dead bodies. Over the years we realize the need of the rural communities and applied for the project with Health Department, Government of Tamil Nadu. The mortuary van services were awarded to us after evaluating our quality work in health and sanitation in watershed development work and other project activities all over Tamil Nadu. We are successfully running a mortuary service in district headquarters Hospital at Dindigul through Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project (TNHSP).  We are charging very low affordable cost just to manage the system. People are benefiting from our services especially the poor rural and urban communities.

Tamil Nadu has made significant strides in improving the health status and increasing access to health care services in the last decades. The strategy envisaged focuses on improving the health status of the general population, with special emphasis on the health of low-income communities and families, over the next two decades. One among the problem is high cost mortuary van services, which is unaffordable for the rural poor to handle the dead bodies.


The mortuary van service of our organization is continuing its service this year also with the financial assistance of health department. Now we are charging, very low affordable cost of Rs.7/- per kilometer on kilometer basis, for one way, just to manage the system. More than 354 number of people were rendered with the service of Mortuary van at affordable cost per year. The above said service is being fully rendered and dedicated to the needy poor’s. To increase the access and utilization of health services, particularly for poor, disadvantaged, and tribal groups, next year onwards we have decided to render mortuary van service at free of cost to the orphan dead bodies.



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