Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Mushroom production

Mushroom production is completely different from growing green plants. Commercial cultivation of mushrooms is not for everyone. It requires someone who is familiar with fungi life cycles and willing to commit time and money to research, designing a system, and developing a business. The mushroom cultivator must be able to carry out operations on time, be attentive to details, and be vigilant about pest invasions. In most cases, marketing requires excellent public relations skills. Nevertheless, there is potential for an innovator who can use an existing facility, obtain a low-cost substrate, and produce a reliable supply of a high quality product. As part of a whole-farm system, mushrooms can augment productivity at any scale.


Producing a nutritious food at a profit, while using materials that would otherwise be considered “waste,” constitutes a valuable service in the self-sustaining community we might envision for the future. It is a challenge some will find worth taking. To facilitate this training were imparted to 25 needy farmers of Karur district under skill oriented programme funded by NABARD for fifteen days.

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