Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Micro finance and micro insurance

Micro finance and micro insurance

As far as the micro-finance and micro insurance programs are considered, this is a foremost focusing on providing savings and credit services only. A range of other financial services including insurance and other support services were provided along with savings and credit services. Coodu Trust is being supported by Rastriya Mahila Kosh under Ministry of Women and Child Development, with a main objective of providing and promoting micro-credit among poor women for income generation activities or for asset creation.


We are performing this programme among 40  Women Self Help Group by demonstrating and replicating participatory approaches women’s groups for thrift and savings with effective utilization of credit. In this programme 30 women farmers trained, were provided with one milch animal each to support their livelihood. In order to have a assured income throughout the year 10 women were provided with credit for petty shop and sheep rearing activities. Totally a financial outlay of Rs.7.5 lakhs was supported by RMK in the first phase for socio economic development of the women. The main sole aim is women’s empowerment, socio-economic change and development in the female population.

Skill orientation with market linkage

Research-extension-farmer linkages for market orientation was viewed from a context of empowering farmers to farm as a business. Therefore, we intruded in the establishment of linkages that will empower women farmers’ production capacity and market participation through favourable policy, technology and advice. The advices included not only production technology, enterprise & business development services, market information and financial services also. The project was carried out in Karur district.


Skill oriented training on Mushroom production technology was imparted to 50 Self Help Group farm women. The aim was to empower mushroom production in a small scale among the women farmers.

A training on Vermicomposting was conducted and convened for 72 Self Help Group farm women members. This training would facilitate in vermicompost, vermin wash and earthworm production,  that may facilitated in sustainable organic production in agricultural with ensured marketing. As a first step in linkages development, the roles and responsibilities of each partner were clearly spelt and were based on areas they and comparative advantage. In order to support the women folk in rural areas, 43 women members of 3 Women Self Help Group were trained in latest handloom weaving and market link was facilitated. Fifty rural youth (women) were trained in the aspect of tailoring of made-ups, which is having high market enquiry in the garment stores.

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