Coodu Trust India

Reaching the Unreached

Integrated Farming System

Integrated Farming System

Farming system approach envisages the integration of agroforestry, horticulture, dairy, sheep and goat rearing, fishery, poultry, pigeon, biogas, mushroom, sericulture and by-product utilization of crops with the main goal of increasing the income and standard of living of small and marginal farmers. The challenge is to upgrade the technological and social disciplines on a continuous basis and integrate these disciplines to suit the region and the farm families in a manner that may ensure increased production with stability, ecological sustainability and equitability.


An Integrated Farming demonstration model had been established at Valliyanai village of Thanthoni block at Karur district with integration of agro forestry, horticulture, dairy, mushroom, Vermicompost unit, biogas, backyard poultry and goat unit. This model imparts education and training to the farmers and self help woman groups.

Environmental awareness

National Environment Awareness Campaign launched by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India in 1986  projected a themes under the umbrella of “Climate Change” .


An awareness training on Climate Change was conducted for elected representative at Kadavur block in collaboration with Nehru Yuva  Kendra, Karur.



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