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Enriched farmyard production

Enriched farmyard production

The cost of slurry disposal on the farm by spraying over grass is unlikely to be recovered by the resulting improvements in grass yield. By enriching slurry with another  fertilizer, for example poultry manure or inorganic N-P-K, slurry disposal and fertilizer application could be performed in one operation. Under high temperature conditions, the use of poultry manure and slurry gave better results when they were applied alone rather than together, but a mixture of slurry and inorganic N-P-K produced an overall advantage over inorganic N-P-K alone.


20 demonstrations were laid out in Velliyanai village of Thanthoni block of Karur district in the farmers field. To enumerate the advantage of enriched farm yard manure, 12 trainings were imparted to 245 beneficiaries of the same village.

Use of bio agents in agriculture

Biological control agent is any agent who is non-chemical and natural and acts to control the incidence of disease or pest.
Biological control agents could be that of antagonist agents. The domestic market for biological control agents is estimated to be around one to two per cent of the total pesticides market. This market is fast growing and should reach about 15 to 20 per cent of the total pesticides market within the next decade. There is a growing awareness to the use of biological control agents globally.


Awareness about the usage of bio agents in agriculture is a lacuna among the rural farmers. To high lighten the importance of bio agents in agriculture and to create awareness among  the  farming community on the hazardous affect of chemicals. In agriculture, 5 trainings were imparted to 103 of beneficiaries.






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